Feedback on "Try to See It My Way."

March 5, 2012
By Alexa13 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Alexa13 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I personally believe that Zachary W’s point of view piece, “Try to See It My Way,” is an extraordinary piece of writing, to say the least. After reading it, I was surprised at how much I was able to relate with to what he discussed.

Zachary wrote about how sometimes he gets angered by the fact that it takes quite a while for his work to get approved. I myself seem to sometimes get a tad bit annoyed after I send my work to Teen Ink. “Why isn’t it approved yet?” I think to myself. “Do they not like my writing?” We’ve all felt that way before, which is why this piece has such a great affect on its readers.

Zachary pointed out that we all shouldn’t get mad at how long it takes our work to get approved. The people from Teen Ink have to read many entries, choosing the best ones for their magazine. We all really do need to give them some credit.

Zachary was able to capture my attention after I read the first paragraph of his article. After reading this piece, I had a change of heart. From now on, I will not be upset or worried when my work is not approved right away. Instead, I’ll be accepting and thankful to Teen Ink for only choosing the best writing for readers like us to enjoy.

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