Feedback to Texting While Walking

February 9, 2012
By nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Anyone who has texted before could vouch on how in depth a conversation may turn to be. So while receiving a text in the middle of the street, it is possible to zone out from the real world and only focus on the cellular device. But in “Texting While Walking” by Jake L, he seems to blame a series of events on people who were merely mesmerized by an important text message.

In one paragraph, Jake brings attention to a mall officer who was fired for sharing humorous security footage of Cathy Cruz Marrero tumbling into a water fountain, while distracted by a text message. He says, “Now wait a minute, he lost his job for sharing a stupid mistake that occurred in public? That’s a little harsh.” Jake’s article is filled with skewed opinions like this, that only have the point of view of someone who is completely withdrawn from the experience of a text message conversation. He is simply focusing on events that were entirely coincidental and not as threatening as he makes it out to be.

I feel like the entire article was just blowing a simple habit out of proportion. Especially his comparison to texting while walking to texting while driving. With the tremendous amount of deaths due to texting while driving, there were only several accounts of people getting fatally injured while focusing on a text message instead of their surroundings while walking. I do understand the point trying to be made, about how people shouldn’t prioritize a text message for it could be dangerous, but this article made it out to be far more hazardous than it really is.

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