Confessions of Prince Charming

February 8, 2012
By bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Confessions of Prince Charming” by Annie K is an entertaining poem which takes a hilarious twist on the classic princess stories. Told by Prince Charming himself, the readers learn several new things about the characters we’ve learned to love since we started to crawl. Not only does Prince Charming turn out to have married six times, but all the princesses, which people everywhere see as role models, turn out to be complete lunatics!
This silly poem is actually, in my opinion, very real. Annie gives the characters flaws, which are very common in today’s society, such simply dyeing your hair to extremes such as a drug addiction. I think this poem shows readers that even princesses and princes aren’t perfect and that happily ever afters don’t necessarily always come true. This cute poem with a very realistic portrayal of classical stories, is hopefully the beginning of more of such stories to be published in Teen Ink.

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