Confessions of Prince Charming (feedback)

February 7, 2012
“Confessions of Prince Charming” by Annie K is a creative, lighthearted piece that seems to defy the initial submission categories of Teen Ink. It is written in verse but is much too long to fit in the poetry section. It also tells a detailed, flowing story. The submission does qualify as one thing and that is a love story.“Confession of Prince Charming” puts a fresh spin on old, overdone fairytales. Annie manages to retell six fairytales within a few stanzas. However this time its Prince Charming himself telling his tales of lost loves. He makes amusing yet valid points about all of his past brides and we come to realize that poor Prince Charming is a hopeless romantic. Annie’s piece also helps you take a trip down memory lane. You’ll finish reading with a smile on your face and sympathy in your heart for Prince Charming. No one ever bothers to hear his side of the story so he ends saying “It’s just not working out … I’m now Prince Charming the Monk.”

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