Through the Eyes of a Pregnant 17-Year-Old MAG

February 27, 2012
By Jesschen21 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Jesschen21 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Through the Eyes of a Pregnant 17-Year-Old” was a piece I found to be both honest and poignant. The reader sees from the first few lines exactly how this young mother feels and the environment around her. We perceive her struggles, both emotional (“A freight-train carrying unwanted luggage,” “a dumpster where some boy threw away his excess … and walked away”) and physical (“silver-violet rivers cut through my pale island shores”).

It’s easy to follow the crowd and scorn a pregnant teenager, but when you read a poem written firsthand by a girl in that situation, you can see the different layers of emotion. For example, the author portrays the pain of being isolated from her peers, the shame toward herself, the resentment toward the father of her baby, and still, the hope and determination for the life she carries inside of her.

Not only is this poem moving, it is also inspiring. When the writer tells us “Let them snub … because I am so much more than that” it gives us a sense of her drive and bravery; she is ready to face the world’s harshness for the sake of her baby. Even though we cannot all relate to her experience, everyone can learn a lesson of courage from this piece. This writer’s words – true and raw with emotion – touched me deeply, and I hope they inspire many others.

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