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February 16, 2012
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I liked the story “Through the Eyes of A Pregnant 17-year-old” by Sara. This story was inspiring because it shows what people have been through during this experience. People are quick to judge others without knowing much about them besides if they are pregnant or ugly. People judge by rumors and by what they hear, but this story makes people understand why people are the way they are, how they feel to what is going on. It shows how someone wishes or just doesn’t want to deal with something that may be permanent. It makes you wonder what people go through and how they are dealing with it.

This girl is letting others know what it feels like to go through this. Knowing that the person that got you like that doesn’t want anything to do with you after something bad happens. It gets me mad how someone can just go on with their lives knowing that something like this is going on and not paying mind to it. This story is very touching and I like it very much.

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