Response to Perfection

February 15, 2012
By Ally-Kat BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Ally-Kat BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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"Perfection by Blythe Culpepper is one story that touches my heart and feelings. It’s about someone being true to them self and not caring what others think about what they look like. I love how Blythe has such great self-esteem and I wish I had the same confidence. I love how the story is done with its words and how it’s done grammatically. Both I love the meaning behind the story more than anything.
Being true to your self is one of the most important things anybody can do. But it’s rare in society today in my opinion, so when I was reading this story I couldn’t help but feel happy and at ease to know that there are people who actually love their image even when they know that people would look at them as someone with distracting flaws. I almost feel like I can relate to this, so with that I congratulate you, Blythe, for writing such a good story and being someone I think everyone should wish to be."

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