Response to A Broken Heart

February 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I really enjoyed reading the poem “A Broken Heart” by Desiree Granados. Even though it is just five simple lines, the message between them is unforgettable. It expresses the pain that comes along with a broken heart. A broken heart can’t be healed as easy as other things. It might take weeks, months, years, or some might not ever recover from a broken heart.

It reminded me of when my heart got broken by my first true love. I had been blinded. Blinded by the sweet little things he would whisper into my ear. The empty promises, everything. My mother had always warned me, would always tell me that he was no good. I didn’t listen to her. I always claimed I loved him. He wouldn’t hurt me. Then the day came when I found him with someone else. It took me almost three months to get over him. Those simple five lines say a lot.

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