Watch Where You're Going

February 6, 2012
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In "Texting While Walking" by Jake Langevin, it goes on and on about the disadvantages that texting has done to our younger generations. Many accidents have happened BECAUSE of texting and it is debatable whether it was their fault or not.

I agree with this assertion. Texting is a trend, a fad that teenagers like to do. It's qiucker and easier than an old fashioned phone call. All you have to do is type and click send, I mean, who wants to dial in phone numbers and wait for it to ring? Texting has hypnotized us, we cannot tear our eyes off of the phone screen, it's impossible. We text at home, at school even though we're not allowed to and in the streets. It's not surprising that these teenagers text 24/7 but it is surprising that it's making their senses disfunction. Look at what texting did to our generation.

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