February 6, 2012
By Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Txting: the Gr8 Deb8” by Teresa Chen and “Texting While Walking” by Jake Langevin definitely bring out some new points about the controversial and highly debated topic of teen texting. Although it is easy to become entirely biased in an argument such as this, Teresa and Jake have handled this subject with a good amount of objectivity and reasonableness, soundly making their point without seeming too harsh.

Texting has its benefits and as well as its setbacks, as demonstrated by these articles. As mentioned by Teresa, according to a study conducted by researchers at Coventry University and the University of Toronto, frequent texting actually leads to an improved rather than shoddier literacy, contrary to the beliefs of many. Yet while this is good news, and proves that texting is not dangerous to teens’ development in and of itself, moderation in the habit is still required, as noted by Jake. Excessive texting causes accidents and trouble everywhere, whether it is on the highway, in the classroom, or even on the sidewalk. Most people have probably only heard about disasters related to this issue in the former two places, but the ones in the latter position are real as well. Jake’s advice about cutting down on the amount of texting while walking is well founded; certainly confirmed by the three ruinous texting incidences he provides.

Next time that you find yourself right in the middle of a spree of texting bliss, consider your circumstance and save the exchange for later if necessary. Texting can be good for you, but only within certain limits. Although we don’t like to admit it, “technology can wait”, as Jake says. So develop your literacy as much as you need, but make sure that you’ll still have a place to store it once you’re done.

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