"A Geek's Guide to Love"

February 6, 2012
By stelluh SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
stelluh SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Reading endless stories about “true love”, I happened to stumble upon “A Geek’s Guide to Love”. Let me tell you, this is hands – down one of the funniest things to ever be published in Teen Ink. Through the narrator’s adorable perky voice, you’ll be able to throw your head back and laugh out loud at the hilarious comments. One of my favorite lines (though there are many) is “You must be really electronegative, because I’m highly attracted to you.”
Maia, was able to turn gushy romance into a quirky humorous story about how geeks really view love. This story is almost a comic relief for all the other stories and is laughable and chill. I strongly suggest you check “A Geek’s Guide to Love” out!

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