God is My Head

February 6, 2012
By , Brooklyn, NY
When I first saw the title “God is My Head,” I immediately thought, “Oh, this is another one of those stories.” So I decided to read it and anticipated to be fascinated by the wonders of God the Almighty. As the story went on, I began to enjoy it. The defiance, the questioning of God’s existence made a pretty good article.
A boy that stopped believing in God - he isn’t the only one out there. He isn’t the only one that won’t stick to what his parents are teaching him; that there is some sort of supreme being watching over every single person on planet Earth, deciding their destiny. It’s simple, right? If your prayers come true, there is, without a doubt, a God. If they don’t, you can only conclude that God works in mysterious ways.
He was a Jew at first. Like me. So yes, the feeling of being left out during Christmas and Easter is mutual. I know what it feels like to be the only kid sitting on the side while everyone else makes Jesus birthday cards. And then he became an atheist. Wonderful. Your religion is already uncommon; why not separate from all religions whatsoever?
But then it happened. That fateful day where everything was turned upside-down. Some voice – also known as your conscious – told him that he was to stay and help. Apparently, he thought it was a god of sorts.

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