Michael Vick: No Hero

February 4, 2012
By Anonymous

While browsing miscellaneous Teen Ink articles, I came across ‘Michael Vick: No Hero’ by Brandon B. This article has been printed in the print issue of Teen Ink magazene. This is without a doubt the highest tribute to any writer, as any Teen-Inker knows very well. He earned my rating of five stars.
Also, I appreciated the statistics included; Brandon used intriguing facts to support his opinion. This article was well researched in addition to his high quality writing.
After being sentenced to twenty three months in prison for animal abuse, the Vick case continues to thrive as a hot topic debate. I strongly agree with Brandon B.’s conclusion. In my opinion, Michael Vick should never set foot on the football field again. Despite his impressive athletic skills, aspiring football players idolize professionals. Do you truly want Michael Vick to be the inspiration of our next generation?
If you do, you have never known the genuine love of a dog.

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