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January 23, 2012
By nicolejavillo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
nicolejavillo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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“You Are Lucky” by Jess Roberts definitely left a mark on me. Only seven paragraphs long, with its full-on power and emotion, it will touch anyone who reads it. It is impressively original and speaks the truth.

“You Are Lucky” reminds us of what we may sometimes take for granted: little things do count. It's true – we take lightly what we are given. This article is a reminder to be thankful for everyone and everything we have in our lives, and how lucky we are to be alive.

Jess made a brilliant choice in using the second person point-of-view; it puts the reader in a personal perspective, making her words more attention-grabbing. “Out of seven billion people alive on earth, you are the only you that has ever existed or will ever exist.” This sentence alone makes me feel at peace with myself. There will never be another me.

“You Are Lucky” is a breath of fresh air. Anyone, from young to old, can relate to it.

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