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January 23, 2012
By Anyssa.Maestas BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Anyssa.Maestas BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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I loved the nonfiction piece “She's Beauty” by Courtney DeJoy. Courtney talks about how she longed for a younger sibling and how she would do anything to have a sister/brother. Courtney's lifelong dream came true on October 31st, 2005. She got a little sister.

However, this was not the ordinary “wait nine months and watch Mommy's tummy grow” situation: Courtney's parents adopted a baby girl. Courtney's love for her sister is something only she can describe, but I think I know how she feels. I longed for a little sister too. On July 7th, 2002, she was born.

When my sister was born, I realized I had my work cut out for me. We are nine years apart, so I try to be the best role model and always protect her. No matter what, she will be by my side, and just like Courtney said, my sister is the greatest gift ever.

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on Feb. 16 2012 at 10:04 am
beautifulspirit PLATINUM, Alpharetta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

Yeah, I recently commented on "She's Beauty." A sister is such a blessing. After reading it, I appreciated my sister even more---I'm just glad she's here.


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