The Last Straw

January 5, 2012
By angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“The Last Straw” is not an article everyone can relate to. However those who can or understand the pain of any type of abuse can truly feel the pain in the narrator’s thoughts and actions. I think this story was a great way to really let readers know the effects of abuse. The fact that the narrator was a victim of her own father made things more serious. The way she phrases her writing really just makes you want to cry and tell your parents that you love them no matter what. “The Last Straw” gave off a negative tone on physical abuse, which is something the world needs to be more informed about. Sure, it tells us that it’s a horrible thing to do and that we shouldn’t fight back in these situations, but have we ever really gotten an opinion for someone who is already experienced? This story shows us that experience and states clearly the emotional distress involved.

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