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January 3, 2012
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“Forget the year of the quarterback. This is the year of the pass rusher,” written by Robert Weintraub he states, quarterbacks seem a thing of the past. Putting “The fear of God into opposing quarterbacks,” said Weintraub, pass rushers are the new quarterbacks. Pass rushers grinding their helmets into the opposing teams QB, setting a total of 91 sacks in 13 of the 2011 season so far. Who cares about quarterbacks?
Players like Clay Matthews and Jared Allen, both from rivalry teams, feast on QB blood. Almost effortless, both find the opposing teams QB, putting the fear in their eyes after that first initial hit.
There are great quarterbacks in the NFL including last year’s Super Bowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers, that rack up 300 plus yard games, but can’t go more than a few plays avoiding a 250 plus pound pass rusher. Teams can double team, even triple team players like Clay and Jared, but that just leaves the other end open for a straight shot to the QB. Even cornerbacks blitz.
Favorite players complete passes or catch a pass for a touchdown or a first down. But nothing compares to seeing the players getting pile driven into the turf. Pass rushers are where it’s at: throwing all of their momentum into the opposing player with the ball and having them lose their helmet or pop their pads almost clear off their shoulder.

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