How to Buy a Plunger Review

January 5, 2012
By EmoFaerie GOLD, Staten Island, New York
EmoFaerie GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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The article “How to Buy a Plunger”, by Elizabeth G, is pretty much self explanatory: it details the exact steps one must go through in order to purchase a toilet plunger. If one knew only the title, they might assume that the article is a dull and pointless one, but that simply isn’t the case; quite to the contrary, I found this brief, humorous piece to be a surprisingly effective way to brighten my mood.

There are many unfortunate things going on around the world: countries devastated due to war, a growing financial crisis, and ecological problems on the rise being only the beginning. There is much [necessary] emphasis on these negative aspects of the world. However, despite it all, seeing such a lighthearted article was a good reminder that putting focus on the positive side of life, whether it is by way of toilet plungers or something else made equally entertaining, can lend an uplifting, almost hopeful touch. The article may appear simply fun at first glance, but it can also be interpreted as a representation of optimism and comfort in situations where such things are so rarely found.

It is a definite mark of Elizabeth’s outstanding writing skills that she managed to turn something as mundane as buying a toilet plunger into something that could bring a healthy dose of candid humor into anybody’s day. “How to Buy a Plunger” is a refreshingly bright piece of writing that will leave its hilarious mark on any reader.

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