Playing the Part

January 4, 2012
By bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Playing the Part” by Jonathon M is a unique piece that will leave the reader wondering if anyone should be trusted. Written in the second person, the story swallows you and spits you out into the room of Jennifer. The vivid descriptions make the reader feel even more like “Sam.” You see the blood drip onto the bed, the green surrounding Jennifer’s bite, and her cold hand reaching out for yours.
The chilling internal dialogue is also key to this thriller. The reader discovers a horrible past, which leads to one simple question: “Why?” The pacing of this story is exceptional. Although the action takes place over a few minutes, the narrator’s thoughts and emotions build great suspense from the moment we meet the characters to when Jennifer has already been shot and Sam goes into the next room. By leaving out much information, Jonathon makes this story one that will definitely haunt me in my dreams tonight. Overall, this story is phenomenal and I’m glad it was published.

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