My Pen, My Friend

December 11, 2011
By angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. After reading "My Pen, My Friend" written by, Chantal Wallace, her poem just happens to agree with this saying. Her poem tells about how technology has taken over and no one bothers to just take a pencil or pen to write things by hand. Now we have phones and computers to express ourselves. What happened to the classic way of writing? If this continues, there wouldn't be a need for a pencil anymore. I agree with this poem because writing is still important in this world. The old fashioned way is the best way.
I enjoyed reading this poem because of the way it describes the surrounding world. It captures the exact way on how society just relies on technology. I like writing by hand. It gives me a good experience by letting me know what I'm really creating. I pay more attention to the small details since there's no spell check to help me. I believe we should all start writing by hand. Just a day without our phones and computers. Everyone needs a break and a time where they can just write by pencil about how they feel, instead of writing in the language of text.

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