Feedback on Prepping for Surgery

December 12, 2011
By Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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The poem, “Prepping for Surgery,” by Shreya J, was a phenomenal poem. It was well-written, and included the reader in a dreadful experience, established early in the poem.
Usually, an author would tell their experience of prepping for surgery in a story, where the author could write for as long as they wanted to. However, Shreya added a twist to the idea, and wrote the details in a poem instead. Since this was already unique, it should have already grabbed the reader’s attention.

However, there were so many more aspects in Shreya’s poem that made her work worthwhile to read. Describing “pins and needles,” getting “closer each second,” the readers could see the images come alive in their minds. Shreya’s fantastic writing ability made them feel the uttermost compassion they were able to feel. She was able to pull on their heartstrings and be full of sympathy.

Written in just 12 lines, you may have never guessed that such a short poem would be able to carry such a frightening experience. However, this poem did far more than that. It was able to seize thoughts, and make readers think of all of the anticipation leading up to the surgery. Shreya did not fail to distinguish this moment. Shreya captured it very well, and wrote beyond the broad views and expectations of the readers.

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