Price Tags: Feedback

December 11, 2011
By nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Everything has a price,” begins Price Tags, a submitted article on the fare of us as a person. The writer, Lucy, was able to tell us about scenes from her childhood when she learned about sums, in a personal matter. With this she was able to remind us what we all are really worth.

In my case, Price Tags really triggered some emotions. As children we don’t understand how much something costs, and in the article Lucy shows how she ate a tremendous amount of muffins in a bakery, without consciousness that they had a price. With this realization made after a mother’s spanking, she learned nothing was free. She then began questioning if everything had a toll to it, even a permission to exist.

After an enlightening conversation with her mother, she got that her heart couldn’t ever receive a price tag. A lot of the time teenagers, like myself, forget to remember that we too have priceless hearts. Countless teens taking their lives, claiming to be “worthless,” every single day. Well this young girl was told at her young age, that she had someone who considered her to be of immeasurable worth. What I received from the article and her experience is that there will always be someone who values you so greatly, and that you will never have a price tag with them.

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