The Hunger Games

December 11, 2011
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In her review of the novel “The Hunger Games,” Rosalie B says that the story has “a lot of problems” and “many plot holes,” a sentiment that, along with her other negatives of the book, I must disagree with.

She firstly calls out the character Prim’s lack of development, who she said she did not really feel for. I believe Prim is actually very well developed; Katniss describes Prim’s personality and how much she loves her very thoroughly before she is chosen to go into the Hunger Games. Barrette also says that Katniss lacks any real qualities other than her archery skills. On the contrary, there were many instances where Katniss rebelled against the rules and acted on her own, whether it was angering the Gamemakers or defying the Capitol’s restrictions. I would ask Barrette exactly what plot holes she found (seeing that she didn’t list any) because I found the ending to nicely tie up most of the loose ends.

All in all, I do not understand how Barrette managed to critique “The Hunger Games” negatively. If you want to judge the book for yourself (and find out how good it is), then I suggest you pick it up and dive into its pages.

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