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December 11, 2011
By Liz.P GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Liz.P GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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"Metamorphosis" by Tara spoke out about a girl's experience taking a risk. Taking risks is something we are all hesitant to do. We contemplate all of the consequences we might end up having to face, we over-analyze every aspect of the situation. Tara wasn't any different.

This article talked of going down a difficult trail on a snowboard, which the author doesn't think she could yet face. Although the aspect of peer pressure was evident, the conflict was more of an internal one. Tara describes feeling 'angry caterpillars' in her body, discouraging her and telling her she wouldn't be able to go down the trail in one piece. Seeing her friends doing it and afraid of looking foolish, however, the courageous girl faces her fears and attempts the course.

We all have to face a similar situation at some point, and I think that this piece really shows that doing something new and out of the ordinary can really pay off and prove to be a truly positive experience. Throughout the piece the 'angry caterpillars' become encompassed in cocoons, and then morph into beautiful butterflies, cheering the author on. Each word can be related to and the piece in its entirety is a motivational one.

The caterpillars won't stay there forever. Take a risk and let them grow into butterflies.

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