The Gosling

December 10, 2011
By Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“The Gosling”, written by David C, is an interesting, unique tale that is sure to touch the reader. It beautifully recounts the author’s experience with a Canadian goose gosling out in the country, and is sure to leave you reflecting on this exciting incident with nature.

David writes this story with clear, honest, and detailed narration, making it a true memoir. The description of the setting is especially great, being vivid, lucid, and complete. Sentences such as “…the last April rains gently shake the newly appointed bright green leaves and the wildflowers speckle the woods with pink polka dots” let the reader crisply envision the surrounding scenery, and receive as much joy from it as the author himself. Through such sentences the events are brought to life, instead of being bland and insensible. The reader understands David’s thoughts and feelings, and as so gets a good perception of his personality.

What I like the most about this story, however, was that David didn’t exaggerate his emotions, making them realistic. So much of the time writers tend to stress their feelings, trying to make them seem more than they actually are. This makes the episode less believable, and because of that, less touching. The true emotions of the narrator, along with an excellent portrayal and balance of actions and thoughts, make “The Gosling” a great story to read and one that I’m certainly glad was published.

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