December 9, 2011
“Unmasked” by Jes'ka R sounds like it is about life. How we love, hate, and like other people around us. Also how we feel about our selves.

What I think of the poem “Unmasked” is that it is a really good and interesting piece. I just think it sounds a little dark and evil. I don’t get the point of the title, because it doesn’t have much to do with being “Unmasked” or anything, the poem more explains what people are like. Its not really like being “Unmasked” either. Its also more how people express their feelings and what they are like. When I think of the title “Unmasked” I think more of getting a mask taken off my face or when people discover who I really am, not about someone’s feelings or life.

When it says ‘a box of complaints unlaced as I scattered all that I am across the floor: books and photographs lie next to fragments of what once was a human,’ it sounds more like Jes’ka is explaining how she feels about herself not about her feeling of being “Unmasked.”

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