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December 9, 2011
By esthert SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
esthert SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.

I just hope I remember to tell my kids that they are as happy as I look in my old photographs. And I hope that they believe me.

I used to listen to it all the time when I was little and thinking about grown-up things. I would go to my bedroom window and stare at my reflection in the glass and the trees behind it and just listen to the song for hours. I decided then that when I met someone I thought was as beautiful as the song, I should give it to that person. And I didn’t mean beautiful on the outside. I meant beautiful in all ways.

"Price Tag" by Lucy, from Cambridge, MA, really gives an insight to how money is viewed in her household. She goes on to describe how her perspective on money changes from when she was younger to now.

Personally, Lucy's experience with money is very similar to mine. My family has always been tight on money and trying to save as much as possible. An important lesson for me to learn when I was an infant was the value of a dollar.
Lucy's story is realistic, but it also gives us an idea of her personality without boring us to death by telling us a story about a lesson she learned that she still values.

Things tend to be overpriced nowadays, so it is a necessity that our generation learn to appreciate what they have at their own expense. "Price Tag" is a lesson in itself.

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