A Song of Silence

December 9, 2011
By dr2434 BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
dr2434 BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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The beginning of “A Song of Silence” by Kathrine F was somewhat confusing, but once you got to the middle of the story everything started making sense. It was a great article and gave wonderful details. This article gave good information about what her childhood was like growing up with her older sister and what their relationship was like. “A Song of Silence” also gave great information about how she felt worthless and loved by her sister at the same time. I thought this article was outstanding!

“A Song of Silence” was easy for me to relate to because I have three younger brothers. One of my little brothers is just like the older sister. Some days my brother is so mean to me and acts like he hates me with a passion. But then there are some days that we get along like we are best friends. He never lets me go into his room when his friends are over just like in the article when her older sister always had her door closed so that her little sister wouldn’t come in. I know this sounds strange and your probably thinking, shouldn’t you be the one that treats your little brothers bad? But no it’s the opposite. In all this was an amazing article because of the details and the connections I had with it. I’m glad I chose to read it!

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