Miro and My Brother

December 8, 2011
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In a response to “Miro and My Brother” I enjoyed reading this article very much. It talks about the bond between a person and their pet. I don’t think anyone else fully understands the true bond between a person and their pet unless they are the actual person. In the reading it talks about how at some point in life a child is going to want a pet. Devon always was complaining to his parents how he wanted a cat. Instead of getting him a cat they let him get other animals like birds, rats, fish and even a dog but still Devon didn’t feel like it was enough. So instead of continuing to beg for a cat, and without permission he got it on his own. I think it’s amazing how a human and an animal can connect. How they are able to communicate without talking but feeling. It’s almost as if having a person with you 24/7 but it’s an animal. Animals have the ability to know how you feel. They know when you’re happy and they know when you’re upset. When you decide to get a pet you need to be committed and understand that it’s your duty now to care for them and take care of them. They trust you enough that you’ll look out for them, care for them, and overall just love them. By being with an animal all the time they begin to learn your habits and somehow do them too. They learn your routine and begin to follow it as if they were their own. In the article it said that Devon began to let the cat out at night and he also would be gone at night not so much with the cat but with his friends. The family began to catch on because if Devon didn’t let the cat outside at night it would just cry all night. At the end of the article the last sentence, “Call it coincidence if you want, but every day Miro seems to become more and more like his owner.” That sentence is totally true and it’s actually quite amusing.

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