She's Beauty

December 8, 2011
By Anonymous

“I was an only child all my childhood. Not good, not bad, just different.” Says the author Courtney DeJoy. I can relate to this author in a sense that I am an only child and always have been. My parents never thought of adopting, but I wish they had. This article stuck out to me because I always wanted this feeling of having a person walk into my life like that. It is inspiring how her parents gave this child a life that she wanted and deserved. The author explains how Nan Chi Xing dreamed of having a family and her dreams finally came true. Understanding how many kids do not have families make you appreciate what you have even more. “I hope wherever her mom is, she is happy. After all, she gave me the greatest gift I could ever receive.” I admire the author’s love toward her adopted sibling considering many people have siblings and take them for granted. Only children can relate to this more because we want that sibling that other people have, yet treat so poorly.

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