Technology Changing Society

December 6, 2011
As L.Robert Kohls said in his article The Values Americans Live By "In the American mind, change is seen as an indisputably good condition." I disagree with this statement. Change isn't always good, and can cause many problems. Technology has been a major change in the world, but is it worth losing the right of privacy, and safety? So many people are hurt today by the internet, weather it’s cyberbullying, identity theft, or false information.

There are so many ways to talk to people than just using a phone or writing to someone. Today we have Face-book, My-space, Twitter, and so many other ways to communicate online. There are many dangers to online chatting that people don’t really think about. Back when the only way to communicate was to use a telephone, or write a letter was so simple and safe (Guterman, B). Being on a social network might seem harmless but it can be harmful. Cyber bullying has been an issue ever since the creation of social networks. So much trouble can start just from one post on any social network. Cyber bullying is all over thanks to the internet. It doesn’t sound too bad but people have committed suicide over something posted on the internet. Does this sound like a good type of change to you?

So many Americans are addicted to using social networks(McCullough, J). So many hours on a computer, or even on a smart phone isn’t healthy. Being attached to a piece of technology is not a good thing. Many teens, and even adults have to be on the internet to see who posted what and who added them as a friend. It’s good to have many ways to communicate with others but too much will cause some trouble. Using a social network is not a crime; but it could turn into one if you are not responsible.

There are so many ways people are distracted today. The biggest distraction is cell phones. Almost everyone you see has a cell phone. So many people are addicted to texting that they even send messages during school, when driving, during work, everywhere. so many people are injured because of distractions like using a cell phone while driving. It has gone this far that people are so careless and only care about texting. Texting while driving is worse than drinking and driving. So many people have been killed and seriously injured over a text message that could of waited.

Technology has brainwashed our society. Everywhere I go all I see is computers, cell phones, and other devices(Vangelova, L). It seems like our society can’t live without this technology. The school I attend has new computers almost every other year. Do we really need to waste all this money on a machine that makes our brains useless? Copy and paste. That’s all it seems like we know what to do. I think that we need to spend less time on some machine and actually go back to the old way of learning. Using a blackboard and writing instead of power points and typing. Yes, the internet has really good resources but the older way of research is just as good. During class with the access to a computer, kids sneak on Face-book when the teacher is trying to teach or when they need to work on an assignment. Yes, the access of the internet is helpful and an easier way to teach or complete something but we are becoming to connected to the internet and computers. What happens when this technology isn’t always available? We need to also know how to survive without all of this technology.

So many people use credit cards and debit cards on a daily basis. This is the new way of payment. Back before credit cards were invented the ways of payment either cash, a money order, or a check. Now all of your money is on a little plastic card. People say that it is a better than carrying cash around, and it can be but it is the same difference if you lose your credit or debit card(Crockett, D). Credit and debit cards aren’t always the safest way to pay. If you drop your credit card or even show the numbers on the back, anyone can access your credit card. But if you drop or lose your card you can always cancel out the account.

There are so many changes today that aren’t always the best options. Technology changing means all new risks. The new technology can cause many good but many bad outcomes. Change is all around us and there is nothing to stop it because it’s a way of life. We can make change good instead of bad if we take the risk factors out of it. But for now protecting ourselves is the only way to not be affected by the cons of change and development.

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