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December 6, 2011
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The non fiction story called Beautiful by Keliah S is a heart touching story. My first impression of the story was that of a young lady. It starts out creating an unknown character that you are intrigued to meet as you progress through the story you go on a trip about how they are carolers and how they are forced to sing at a retirement home. You can just feel the unwanted feeling of being there and the hesitancy. You then meet this mysterious character that turns out to be a charming old lady.
You can’t help but smile and feel a sense of relief and the unwanted feeling lifting away. She greets the carolers and makes them feel special. Then she repeats her introduction for some reason, you cant help but tilt your head in confusion and wonder as you continue. You soon realize that the charming old lady has some problems remembering things. The last thing she says before she forgets what she is doing is say the word, “beautiful”. I sat there in silence and realization. And loved the ending.
The story was fantastically written, very detailed and did a good job in making you make inferences and using imagination. I hope to read more on the experiences of Keliah. Good Job!

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