"The Snowman"

December 6, 2011
In “The Snowman” by Caeleigh M, the narrator talks about the exile of a young boy for his odd drawing of a snowman. The story reminds me of when I was in kindergarten, and all of our drawings looked the same. I liked the way where it took the innocence of drawing snowmen, and made it into a mean mocking towards a boy for being different. Judgment was apparent in this story, and to think all of those kids would torment that other kid for a drawing, it’s completely awful.

I was utterly surprised when it turned out the boy was being yelled at for his snowman. I was assuming he drew the teacher on the paper with a monster face and grotesque body. I remember when drawing we used to draw the teachers we hated with mean mugs and red eyes. From that memory it was easy to assume that is what he did. Seeing that he was not being yelled at for that reason was weird.

Overall I thought that this short story was a great read and told something every kid usually goes through
If you have the time, take it to read “The Snowman”.

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