God and Santa Claus

December 6, 2011
By MrCastaneda BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
MrCastaneda BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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“God and Santa Claus” by Clare L was in general a good article with a lot of examples to backup his main idea. I liked how the author explains the differences between when Earth formed billions of years ago and when God created the world thousands of years ago. I also liked how she wrote about God in a unlike way which few people would even think about.

The story was really good especially when she talked about going to church school and believing in God to going to regular school and not really believing in God. The story has good details and good explanations to mostly everything she states. The article though has some stuff I completely disagree with. I disagree with stopping to believe in God after reading a book. Overall her story was great and had a lot of great explanations.

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