"Reach Me"

December 6, 2011
By beastlucero BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
beastlucero BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
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The truthful, confronting poem “Reach Me” is immensely true. I not only connected to this poem but I felt like I understood what the author, Rosie F, was trying to establish. When she states how the world really is it seems absurd but it’s so true. In our current world be we are capable of being reached even if it’s not physically. We can hurt people even when it’s not in person. The way we look matters more than the way we act is definitely true because our society is based on looks. I strongly agree with her and her words because we do live in a world where what we talk about matters most to us and what we care about is most important. I honestly agree because as humans we’ve become so comfortable in the way we live and we don’t care about other things or people. There isn’t a system. However I do like this.

In my opinion she did very well in her poem with describing how she felt in this world. I think it expresses how she is feeling just as well as everybody else. The author also did a very good job on stating how she needs to be taught how the world works; however, personally now and day it seems as if we’ve become so immune to what’s happening around us. We’ve become simply arrogant to our world. Its a what happens, happens world. A world in which we don’t know, so teach us.

The author's comments:
The author inspired me to write back and show her she wasn't alone.

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