How to Train Your Dragon (Review)

December 1, 2011
By April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In agreement to the review of "How to Train Your Dragon" by Maddy S, I believe it has set a new standard for animated films not just in picture quality, but in plot development as well. This movie follows the story of Hiccup, a boy whose life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally becomes friends with the dragon he was trying to kill with hopes to receive respect from his village, the fierce and ruthless Night Fury. But, discovering his new buddy is actually more like an energetic puppy that a merciless killer, he chooses to keep him hidden while he trains him before trying to convince the villagers that dragons are meant to be Vikings’ best friend. I walked into the theater expecting a cheesy toddler’s movie, but walked out satisfied after being sucked into this film’s amazing story and breathtaking animation. Thanks for your review, Maddy.

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