''The Ugly Side Of Nature''

December 1, 2011
By Steph8n SILVER, Phx, Arizona
Steph8n SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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I am writing to let you know my opinion of “The Ugly Side of Nature,” by Michelle. You couldn’t be more wrong. What you call a, “coping mechanism” I and others call it life. I’m not defending pot because I smoke it, because I don’t. I just know a lot about it. Everyone doesn’t smoke because the world’s “harsh” they do it for a release for pain. You judge and criticize a girl on a website, but you don’t know what she been through. You say she’s smoking because she doesn’t know how to embrace life. That is how some embrace life. Marijuana is a natural plant. It is used to help people in pain; people with gout, cancer, and bad liver problems. So, I thank you for your opinion Michelle. Just think before you start judging people

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I feel strong to what I am writing.

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