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November 30, 2011
By Sam372 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
Sam372 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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"You'd think that killing people would make them like you. But it doesn't, it just makes them dead," Voldemort from AVPM XD

I would like to start out this rage by copying and pasting an ACTUAL facebook status from one of the girls my age:" i hate how ppl jdge n sterotype u wen dey dnt noe wat u go thru n wat u deal wit ery day wen it anint nun o dey buisness like dang u do u n let me do me!"
One word: What? Girls like this give a bad name to literate kids my age! In case you don't read moron, here's what it should actually read (or at least what I managed to determine from it.)
"I hate how people judge and stereotype you when they don't know what you go through and what you deal with every day when it isn't any of their business. Like -----" and then I'm afraid I honestly don't know what on earth she was trying to say...
Would it really have killed you to perhaps of used, oh I don't know, all the letters in a word? Or *gasp* proper grammar? And isn't it kind of ironic how you're talking about being tired of stereotypes, when you yourself are strengthining one? Really?
But to be fair, it's not just her. There are, much to my dismay, people who insist upon talking like that, as though being stupid is the new cool. Well newsflash, my baby brother can spell better than you, and he's 7. Or maybe I should put that in a language you can compute "wll nwsflsh my bby bro cn spll bttr thn tht n hes 7"
At the rate the human race is maturing as far as grammar and literacy goes, we'll just deteriorate back to the grunts and hand signals used by cavemen in the years before fire and the wheel. Or should I just say "uuugn"? Honestly people!
The same rule applies to all the texting slang people are using. LOL, BRB, GTG, NBD, and so on. Have we really become so lazy that we can't even take the 20 extra seconds it would take to type it out, or my personal favorite SAY IT?! Have we really gotten to the stage where we can't even laugh?! We just "LOL" now? We don't say, goodbye anymore. No no, it's much cooler to say GTG. Oh man you're cool! You said three letter that 10 years ago had no meaning?! You must be succesful. NO! Personally, I think you just sound stupid, illiterate, and the first thing that comes to mind when I think about your future is a McDonald's career. LOL!
And lastly, what may be my WORST pet peeve, is when people make up words. Now then I'm not talking about when people make up words to describe something that we've yet to come up with. No, I'm talking about when people alter words so we know what they're saying, but it's still different. And my least favorite? "Smarticle!" When people get something right, they should be happy, proud, and glad for themselves. Instead, in our great society, we've decided that being intelligent is an undesiarable quality, so therefor kids find it appropriate, hell even neccesarry to follow a little bit of intelligence, with some demeaning word, and even worse-- a made up demeaning word. So no, you don't sound "smarticle" when you say that fricking word. You just sound like a pre-school student who's just now learning how to speak. Well done!
So good job society! You've made it socially acceptable to be an illiterate idiot, and socially wrong to be an intelligent literate person who uses actual words, and is unashamed that she has knowledge. So I guess I'll be seeing you a few years from now when I go to get my coffee on my way to my paying job. LOL, GTG! Oh and one more thing? "Srlsly, gt a reelistik perspctve. K thx" (<-- for my literate friends, that says "Seriously, get a realistic perspective. Thank you.")

The author's comments:
I absolutely LOATHE slang and improper grammar, and I absolutely hate the direction that people are taking our language. We are deteriorating as a society and it needs to stop.

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