The Roommate

November 18, 2011
By April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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After reading Holland G’s response to “The Roommate,” I found her reaction in this review extremely relatable to some of my own thoughts about this movie. I think that this film showed no creativity whatsoever based on the fact that it was shot from an entirely wrong perspective. I agree with Grose that the movie would have left an overall better impression on myself if it would have alternated specific events, for example, showing the difference between how Sara, (Minka Kelly), the completely sane yet utterly boring college girl, and Rebecca (played by Leighton Meester), the crazily obsessed stalker-roommate perceive certain scenes. Additionally, it’s rather controversial how someone with such obvious level of deep psychological disturbance would even manage to get into a college instead of receiving immediate psychiatric attention. In my opinion, I would not waste my time watching “The Roommate” again nor recommend it to anyone.

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