An Epidemic of Stupidity MAG

November 21, 2011
By JazmintheG BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
JazmintheG BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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When you want to be entertained, what do you turn to? “An Epidemic of Stupidity” blames the media for giving young women the idea that stupidity is attractive. I think this is not the media's fault.

The media might have a lot of influence, but I think these bad messages aren't being delivered consciously. The purpose of TV and radio is to entertain. Sure, there are some channels intended to expand a person's knowledge – we are lucky to have lots of options to choose from, but because of competition, it is harder for shows to grab a viewer's attention. So we end up with lots of programs that don't value education in our society.

Everybody acts silly in their lives, mostly when they are with friends. What MTV was thinking when it created “Jersey Shore” wasn't education, it was fun. What people watch is their choice, and if you don't like those shows, there's always the Discovery Channel.

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