Little Bags of Hope

November 13, 2011
By EmoFaerie GOLD, Staten Island, New York
EmoFaerie GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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“Little Bags of Hope” is Ciera H’s optimistic, motivating story of how anybody, regardless of age or status, can make a difference. It tells of the author’s goal to get her community more active in helping the homeless, a goal she formed after her life changing moment of seeing a poor woman begging on the side of a road. Ciera and her mother got their community involved in the H2O project, or Hope 2 Others. H2O helps those less fortunate by filling paper bags with necessary items, such as food, a free meal ticket, water, and a toothbrush, and giving them to those who need it.

This article is definitely among the highest when one speaks in terms of inspiration. It brings to light that teenagers reaching out and helping others in such a broadly successful way is not something limited to movies and books. The article left me feeling slightly empowered, and decidedly more motivated and aware of opportunities to bring hope to those among us who are less fortunate. One needs only some research and a hefty dosage of determination and enthusiasm to make a difference. The misconstrued belief that one is too young to be influential has gone on far too long, but it is articles such as this one that are helping to diminish it.

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