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November 13, 2011
By nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
nikky917 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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The article titled “Bubbe”, sets out to show the conversation of one teenage girl and her grandmother. The composition was completely priceless, including moments of hilarity and an amazingly portrayed accent. It was written beautifully too, the reader was able to understand the characters really well and had a smooth writing style with witty inclusions, letting us in on this humorous experience shared with her “Bubbe”.

The article was written with a light humor describing an event when the author’s grandmother came to visit. She informed her grandmother about her 96 in English class, and this came as an astonishment to Bubbe, who expected a perfect grade. “Isn't English vat you speak? Have spoken whole life, and 96.” Her Bubbe then went on to speak about her childhood and the girl’s weight. But it all ended with her grandmother telling her how much she appreciates the girl and how what she criticizes is purely out of love.

Growing up with a grandmother who too, expected perfection, I know exactly where the author is coming from. She was able to show how thick the accent on typical immigrant elders is and show it so well in her writing. The contrast of the two sets in very early in the article and the reader gets such a laugh from both the characters. You’ll find yourself giggling in the midst of it, enjoying it more and more with every whimsically written phrase from good ‘ol Bubbe. Overall, I think the article is amusing and entertaining, and quite a good read.

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