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November 13, 2011
By olivia1023 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
olivia1023 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I felt the piece “I Wish I Had’’, by Kaylamo M, was very passionate and well written. It starts right off with us, the reader, learning the narrator’s grandfather has lung cancer. Most people can relate to knowing someone who has or had cancer. Kaylamo talks about not knowing the seriousness of what was happening. She also describes how her grandfather was someone she looked up to. She goes on to talk about all the times the two had –or could have had- together, had she realized the significance of his disease. In the end, we find out her grandfather lost the battle to cancer, and because she was young and unaware, it didn’t faze her until much later.
This story also has a personal significance to me. When I was only 4, my grandfather died of cancer. All the times spent in his house, the big clock in the living room, his little knick-knacks in the basement, are now just a vague memory. My mom stayed by his bedside at the hospital for hours, and looking back now, I wish I had.

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