A driving Lesson-feedback peice

November 9, 2011
By Leah Allison SILVER, White Heath, Illinois
Leah Allison SILVER, White Heath, Illinois
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I thought Josh E did a fantastic job writing “A Driving Lesson.” This is a nonfiction story. It was in the October issue, and it’s a story about a boy who is thirteen and his father wants him to start learning how to drive. He messes up and bangs into the wall, but his dad doesn’t get mad.
I really liked this story because it shows that there are inspiring people in the world and that people mess up but life still goes on! I am thirteen and I have driven before and I know how scary it is. I am glad I didn’t have to drive into a garage. My favorite part is when the boy bangs up the wall but all the dad says is “You busted that wall up pretty good Josh.” I really liked how at the beginning Josh says that he is not like his dad and never will be like his dad, but then at the end of his story he says that he wants to like his dad when he grows up. As I said I think Josh did a great job writing this story!

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