A Driving Lesson

November 3, 2011
I thought this passage “A Driving Lesson” by Josh E was a very good piece. I can connect to this because my dad also learned to drive young, same with me. I think it’s funny how he almost runs into the garage door. It reminds me of when I zoomed up through my driveway with my dirt bike and I ran into the back of the garage. I laughed when his dad said “You busted that wall up pretty good son.”
I think this story also could teach you a lesson, like when Josh gets a little to confidant. This could teach you not to be too confidant of yourself, and or what you are doing. Especially in something that is potentially dangerous.

This story appears in the October issue. I liked this story especially because I can really relate to it, like the part where Josh is cruising around his neighborhood. We go on vacation to Mississippi and I can drive around everywhere we go. So thank you Josh for writing this outstanding article that I can really connect with.

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