Censor This

November 3, 2011
By ColinS BRONZE, Monticello,
ColinS BRONZE, Monticello,
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“Censor This” By Tiffany B was an inspiring point of view article about people censoring kids from their freedom of speech. People are mad because our Founding fathers gave us a right to freedom of speech. Lots of people believe it is wrong and it should stop. You can find this article in the October issue.
Howard Stern was fined over 2.5 million dollars for profanity by the Federal Communications Commission until December 2005. He finally moved his show to satellite radio to avoid further prosecution. Lenny Bruce, a legendary comedian of the ‘50s and ‘60s was arrested nine times and convicted twice for “obscenity crimes.” I think that going around and screaming that the president is dead or that there is a tornado is wrong, but swearing in Subway is not wrong and perfectly legal. And when someone says that you shouldn’t swear because there are children around that is wrong. If a parent brings their child into a place where you can hear people swear then don’t bring them there.

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