Feedback "Rythmic Chaos"

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

When I read “Rhythmic Chaos” I was in total awe. Appearing in the October issue it tells how two girls get in an accident. The heart beat steals the readers away with a sensation we all have probably felt. It tells how she can hear a twisted rhythm in the chaos. This article reminds us how we can be more careful and how scary being in an accident is.
I thought the beginning sentence was scary the way I visualized black jagged fingers and a windshield cracking. This article reminds me of when I was on the road, my cars hood flipped back and hit the windshield. I connected with this story I think because of my passion for song and that I have been in an accident before. I think the way Ashley S wrote “Rhythmic Chaos” was very accurate to the way being in an accident actually feels.

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