"Move Me" Review

October 25, 2011
By T.Shaffer BRONZE, ., Ohio
T.Shaffer BRONZE, ., Ohio
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In the October issue of Teen Ink, Abby Bland writes a relatable article called “Move Me.” This poem reflects the point of view of a teen who has opinions and ideas of his/her own but is willing to listen and learn to new ideas to gain as much wisdom as possible.

I can definitely relate with Tiffany Brock’s “Censor This” in the October issue of Teen Ink. I too feel that “I’m young and strong minded.” I rarely change one of my opinions because I am very strongly opinionated about many topics. However, I will listen to others' opinions and try to see ideas through different perspectives. I completely understand when the author writes, “And to have eyes to see and ears to hear, that is wisdom / If they’re open.” I can say I understand because I think some of the smartest people are those who can convey their own view(s) on an important topic and still have the respect and open-mindedness to listen to others' opinions. I hope to be considered one of those types of people one day.

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