“Censor This” Review

October 25, 2011
In the October issue of Teen Ink, Tiffany Brock writes an opinionated article called “Censor This.” This article portrays the point of view of how ridiculous it is to censor foul language whether it appears in real life or the media. She, the author, believes the first amendment guarantees the freedom of speech, no matter how foul or inappropriate the language might be.

I completely agree with Tiffany Brock’s “Censor This” in the October issue Teen Ink. I believe the Constitution’s First Amendment protects our right of freedom of speech. The fact that others think, “the Founding Fathers wanted us to limit their greatest gift” (freedom of speech), is irritating to me because, just like the author, I don’t believe anyone including myself can speak for our Founding Fathers. Although part of me does feel that if everyone was so free with the way he or she used his or her words more people would be insulted and lash out, I still think we shouldn’t censor so many things. It’s like masking the truth.

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