October 25, 2011
By PM_23 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
PM_23 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In “Five” by N.E. Garnier, a girl watches a three and five year old. She calls them both by their ages to learn that three is no longer three but four. During an autumn night, the kids want the leaves to be raked, so the sun can shine on the grass. When the leaves are all raked, like any child they want to jump into the leaves. As the night goes on, the colors start to disappear and the color black starts to take place. The girl walks the kids back to her house as the four-year-old is on her shoulders he throws up the leaves as if they were confetti. This brings the girl back to a time when she was five years old.

In “Five” by N.E. Garneir, I could relate myself to the girl who was watching the four and five year old. I myself watch a four and seven year old. They are both girls, and I treat them as if they were my own. I look at them as my little sisters and love doing things with them like raking the leaves and jumping in them when they are all raked up. When I am with those two little girls, I turn into a kid again just as the girl did when she spent time with the kids. I think all teenagers and even some adults like to have their kid moments and just relax and be goofy again. Little kids don’t know how good they have it until they get older. Then they start to wonder why they wanted to be a “big kid” in the first place.

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